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Contact Lenses

At Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates of Greenwood, IN, we provide our patients throughout Indianapolis with a wide selection of contact lenses. The various types include bifocal lenses, tinted lenses, and lenses to correct astigmatism. We carry several brands, including the following:

Bausch & Lomb - Purevision

Alcon Vision - Air Optix

CooperVision - Avaria, Biofinity

Vistakon - Acuvue Oasys

And Many More!

Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates keeps thousands of corrective trial lenses in stock, so many times, our patients can leave with lenses on the same day as their fitting appointment.

Eye Care


Eye Allergies

An overreaction to a certain substance, eye allergy is most commonly related to pollen, dust, mold, or cat or dog hair exposure. The symptoms of eye allergies generally occur in late spring and summer with severity fluctuating daily in relation to pollen counts. These symptoms may include itching, redness, eyelid swelling, and tearing as well as nasal congestion. Avoidance of the substance is the best treatment for eye allergies, though if that is not possible, antihistamines and corticosteroids are often prescribed.


At Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates of Greenwood, IN, we understand the importance of strong vision in school-age children. Vision problems may lead to a decline in learning and participation in social and recreational activities. In order for your child’s vision to be working normally, he or she must display the following:

Near Vision - ability to see clearly and comfortably at 13-16 inches

Distance Vision - ability to see clearly and comfortably at 10 feet or more

Binocular Coordination - ability to use both eyes together

Eye Movements - ability to aim and move eyes accurately

Peripheral Awareness - awareness of things that appear to the side when look straight ahead

Hand / Eye Coordination - ability to use hands and eyes together

Regular eye examinations by Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates can monitor your child’s vision, looking for any potential problems and correcting them before they become too harmful. At home, you can also watch for symptoms of impaired vision in your child, such as headaches, an avoidance of close work, tilting his or her head to the side to use only one eye, or omitting or confusing small words when reading. If you notice any of these irregularities, we’ll be glad to help your child get back on track!

Mature Vision

Later in life, many individuals experience changes in their vision. Potential vision-related issues may include:

Hand / Eye Coordination - ability to use hands and eyes together

Spots and Floaters - appearance of what looks like cobwebs, thread-like strands, or showers of crystals across the field of vision. These become more frequent with age and are typically nothing to worry about, but they should still be evaluated, especially if you suddenly experience a large number of these spots and floaters.

Glaucoma - the buildup of fluid pressure inside the eyes, cutting off blood supply and leading to loss of side vision or blindness. Though this condition cannot be reversed, it can be stopped or slowed, so early detection through routine eye exams is essential.

Retinal Disorders - disorders that often impair central vision. These are detected through eye exams and are often successfully treated if diagnosed early.

Eye Diseases & Vision Problems

The professional optometrists at Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates of Greenwood, IN can diagnose, treat, or recommend treatment, for a variety of eye diseases and vision problems, including:



Dry Eye


Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Macular Degeneration





Spots & Floaters

Eye Exams

At Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates in Greenwood, IN, we have been serving the Greater Indianapolis Area since 2001 with eye exams. Regular eye examinations are essential. They test and monitor your vision. We will look for any potential problems and correct them before they become too harmful. It is crucial to receive eye exams to uncover any eye diseases. Great vision starts with a great exam, so call

Glasses & Frames

Do you need new eyeglass frames? Did your eyeglasses break? At Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates, we offer a variety of glasses and specialty glasses such as bifocals and glasses for unusual corneas. Choose from a great selection of frames and lenses for men, women, and children. We offer 1-hour service! Stop by our optometry office in Greenwood, IN today!

Specialty Contacts

We offer a full line of specialty contacts for all vision types. Whether you are looking for colored contacts, need contacts for distance and reading, or you’ve been previously told you can’t wear contact lenses, our experienced staff can fit you with lenses you will love. If contacts aren’t your style we also offer specialty frames and glasses that will suit every style!

Corneal Reshaping

As a reputable eye center serving Indianapolis, our friendly staff offers corneal reshaping therapy treatments. Corneal reshaping gently and gradually reshapes the front surface of your cornea. This process helps to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness and astigmatism. Contact us today to learn more.

Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease

Ocular Disease affects the entire eye. Common ocular diseases include pink eye, sties and chalazion, dry eye, flashes and floaters, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Protect your eye health and your vision. Call us at Dr. Daniel Wendorff & Associates for a convenient appointment.

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